Saturday, October 27, 2007

Went to Mozart's Cafe on a crisp October day this past week. It was warm enough to sit outside with a light sweater and look at the gray Lake Travis and have a hot mint tea and not be sweating (for once).

This bird came to join us.

Apparetly this is a grackyl, which are usually brash and ugly and obnoxiously loud, but this one was quiet and cute, and a kind of greenish yellow and brown color I thought was cute.

After tea came cakes from Dhaba Joy. They are so cute!

They are vegan, and they are so good you'd wonder why anyone would think anything negative about vegan baking. SO GOOD. Also, they're the perfect bite size for someone like me, who never wants too much sweetness.

Well, maybe it was a little stressful to eat such a cute thing all at once :)

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awayfromomelas said...

Sam, however, looks entirely unphased.