Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I created this blog. I planned to write about the things I love about living in Austin, from the people to the places, as well as my own cooking and crafting exploits in its craft-friendly environment.

However. I did not blog.

Why? I'm not sure. Time, life, this, that.

However (deux). I am going to blog here from now on.

Why? A few reasons. One is that there are a lot of things I love about Austin, and I think it would be great to share them, and to reflect on why I love them and how they make my life interesting. Two, is that I plan to enter two online blog communities, which require you to have your own blog. They are Self Portrait Challenge, and Daring Baker's Challenge.

Self-Portrait Challenge releases a theme each month, and entrants take a photo of themselves that has to do with the theme and post it to their blog. They create a static link to the post and submit it to the website, and the site then posts the pictures it likes on its website. As a result, they have a wealth of interesting, inspiring pictures and stories there. I wanted to enter to encourage myself to do creative things outside my normal realm of art. Photography, and self-representation, are both areas where I could use some study, and I hope to get better at both!

Daring Baker's Challenge has interested me for months, since I discovered it on Taste Spotting. It's basically a monthly baking challenge. I certainly love to cook and... well, let's just say I have baked in the past. I think this will be an even greater challenge! The other bakers who participate post such incredible photos of stunning baked goods... I hope I can compete!

And so, I begin my blog again. Hopefully I'll be able to post a lot before next month, so I can brush up on both writing and photography skills, as well as focusing on making time to do it, not to mention my admittedly *very* poor blog style. Everything about this is a challenge. I hope I can meet it!

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